A totally new type of internet provider

Here's how we planning to do it

We call it


We’re switching up the telco industry

Fibre is great - there's no denying it. But it does take a while to deploy - in the long run everyone will be connected to fibre, but in the meantime we think wireless is the way to go!


We're taking a different approach

Instead of bringing fibre straight into the home, we beam it to you wirelessly. We call it Constellation, and it's pretty cool stuff.


A new method of distribution

We're still using Fibre in our backhaul (the behind the scenes stuff), but when it comes to delivering it to your door, we do it wirelessly. We do this with a fancy piece of tech called a "Mesh Network"


Working together

Constellation works on a mesh principle - instead of having one hub that every house connects to via the same phone line or fibre cable, we have lots of little nodes placed around the neighbourhood that wirelessly connect to each other - just like a constellation in the night sky


Getting inside

Each of these nodes connects to each other to form a big mesh - but to get you connected, we place a tiny antenna on the side of your house not much bigger than a smartphone and it connects to the nearest visible node. That's it - you're connected!


Here's the lowdown

Through the power of radio waves we don't just compete with fibre - we go toe-to-toe
That's fast enough to download a 2 hour-long HD movie in 48 seconds
Ultra Low Latency
Whether you're gaming or having a video chat, we aim to make "lag" a thing of the past
No caps
We won't ever subject our customers to data caps. Just saying "data caps" makes us feel dirty