Ultrafast, gigabit internet for

We're working to re-engineer internet access for a newer, faster generation - are you in?

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Beyond Superfast

Our network goes beyond the pedestrian speeds of the existing infrastructure. How fast you say? 1 Gigabit per second fast, that's what we say.

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Expandable Network

We can expand our network stupidly fast and with little to no disruption. Once we're in the neighbourhood, everyone's a winner.

How Does It Work?
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Like fibre, without the hassle

We attach our nodes to existing houses and street architecture. What does that mean? We use existing telephone poles and lampposts to install our tech with as little disruption to you as possible.

How We Deploy
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Ultimate Speed, Unlimited Data

We offer one speed - gigabit. Combined with no data caps (ever), you can do all the streaming, gaming, browsing, emailing or whatever you do, as much as you want at unrivalled speed.